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Acing an Interview- Part Four


Whether it’s a face to face or phone/Skype/video interview, once it’s over, take a deep breath and relax. Give yourself some time and then gather your thoughts once the interview has ended.

Post Interview Debrief

Here are some questions for you to have a think of.

  • What did you like about the interview?

  • What worked for you during the interview?

  • What wasn’t so great about the interview?

  • What could you do better next time? Which area(s) if any need further work on in terms ofyour own development? It’s about taking control because no one is going to do this work for you.

Follow up Thank you

Think of the email/letter as nothing more than that. You’re just thanking the interviewer fortheir time.

Dealing with the outcome

If you were successful in your interview then congratulations to you!

If you haven’t been successful, then don’t be too hard on yourself and above all don’t personalise rejections.

Adapting Strategy

Keep looking and applying because practice makes perfect. Practice will help you “iron out” the areas which need working on.

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