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How to boost your well-being at home.

We are going through some unprecedented times right now, but do not fret you can boost your well-being at home. Here are some tips to help you.

Take deep breaths – it is very important now than ever to take time out to do some breathing exercises’... Start in a sitting position, close your eyes and take a deep breath in and count to 10 when breathing out. Carry on with this when you feel a bit stressed.

Stay Active- this is very important when you are ‘stuck’ indoors. If you have access to open space.. go a brisk walk, or do some stretches in your garden, or sign up for online yoga classes- there are many free exercise videos online which you can tailor-make your day. Even the NHS has a series of free videos.

Eat Healthy meals. Being at home can mean binge eating and getting lazy, as with the exercise you choose to do, it is very important to eat healthily – add protein and salads to your meals as well as some treats but not all processed related foods as this will make you really tired and sluggish. Make sure you drink lots of water to stay hydrated during the day.

Mental Health- Just take care of yourself, if you are feeling down or in need to talk to someone- there are always your family members or close friends. They will be glad of helping out and you never know it might be a two way thing. There is also online help from the Samaritans and NHS health lines- which are free and confidential.

Self Care- You are important so why not take the opportunity to pamper yourself at home.. long soak in the bath (with a DO NOT DISTURB sign outside), with a drink, classical music in the background or (whatever is your taste), a lovely facial... etc.. everyone deserve a little ‘ME’ time’.

Time to get creative. This is the time to get CREATIVE- either by drawing, painting., cooking..etc just set few hours an day to get that mind thinking of how creative you can be- give it an go. This is the best time ever.

Pursue that DREAM.- No time like the present now... this is the best time to get that side hustle you always never had time for..Set up your social media platforms and introduce yourself to the world. Or start that online training you always wanted to pursue. Change that mindset in to a positive way and you will discover your true potential.

We at iPlan-Myfuture are always here to give tips and advice, connect with us on all the social media platforms or email us via the website

We look forward to hearing your stories and progress.

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