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Keeping your Motivation Levels High Part 3

Top Tips to help you with your Job hunting:

1) Keep your job hunting list updated. Trying to keep tabs using post it notes and paper can be tricky. However, if you keep this information in a spreadsheet, you can update it really quickly.

2) Update your Social Media profiles - Keep your Social Media profile updated regularly, with profiles updated with skills and experience. If you haven’t been using social media, try to make a habit of coming online for at least 10 minutes a day. You may choose to share articles or even write articles/blog posts yourself on a suitable topic.

3) Make sure you avoid having a rant on social media. If you have had a bad day or received a rejection for a role you wanted, don’t go and take it out publically. It’s easy to vent your frustrations online, but guess what, your future employer may well get to read this when you apply elsewhere.

4) Regroup and rethink strategy if you are facing obstacles. Maybe talk about it with trusted friends/advisers. It might help trigger off new ideas or solutions.

5) Make a list of all the things you don’t know and then seek solutions. For example, if you have tried calling someone in the company you know and they are not responding, see if you can speak with someone else instead.

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