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Keeping your Motivation Levels High Part 4

Top Tips to help you with your Job hunting:

6) Read around the industry you are after and keep updated on the companies you are applying to. It also allows you to talk confidently when you go for an interview.

7) Take a break and recharge your batteries. Job hunting can sometimes feel like an all time consuming process. It doesn’t have to be. Take regular breaks which will help you feel motivated.

8) Be persistent – when one door closes, go out and find the keys to more doors. It may be the next door will lead you to other fruitful opportunities.

9) Go for a walk. Not only did Steve Jobs have walking meetings, he went for walks when working through business challenges. Walking helps you to get a different perspective.

10) Have fun! This is important because it’s really easy to get sucked into the process and think that there is no light beyond the tunnel. It then becomes too much like hard work. Break it up and inject some fun, this will you’ll feel more creative.

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