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SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats)


- How can you use your strengths to help you achieve your goals?

- Which projects or assignments will help you continue to develop your goals?

- If you are looking for a job or deciding on what to do after you graduate, what jobs or roles do you think you are most suited to?

- Which companies are offering these roles?

- What do you need to do to make it happen?

- When are you going to work on your development areas? Are there any assignments or projects which can help you address your development areas?


- Think of obstacles which will stop you from achieving my goals? Maybe it’s not having enough time, or not planning properly. Sleeping too much or too little or too late and not feeling energised.

- Worried about not making the application or performing well in interview which means

FEAR stops you from moving forward.

- How will you deal with the obstacle?

- What will you do to make sure the obstacle doesn’t stop you from achieving what you want to achieve?

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