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Whose dream are you living? Living your dream or someone else’s?

Doing something you enjoy, or doing something someone else suggested would be “good” for your career?

Sometimes it can be confusing to think whose dream you are living, especially when you don’t really know what we want or where your career is going. Guess what? You are not alone! You’ll also know you’re living someone else’s dream if your current situation doesn’t inspire you or make you feel great.

Many people get trapped into following what other people want because it’s a path and they may be “right” and we end up following blindly, without really questioning the outcome! From an early age or peer through peer pressure, we may have been “encouraged” to follow one path or another and somehow, we end up blindly following it.

We follow because the people who want us to go down that path are usually very close and dear to us, so therefore we don’t want to disappoint them. However, this “charade” can’t be kept up for too long. Why? We get to a point, be thought trial and error or through a challenging circumstance, we realise, we’ve been living someone else’s dream and we’ve bought into their values and beliefs lock stock and barrel, without even realise it!

Time to Live YOUR own dreams

Others around you may also think they know what’s “best for you! Sometimes not “rocking” the boat is a lot easy than trying to convince others of what you really want, because it seems like a real uphill challenge. Going with the “flow” seems to be a lot easier than trying to “swim upstream”. However, only YOU know what’s good for you!

If you are fed up of being told how to manage your career goals, aspirations, time to take control of the YOUR career reins. Ask yourself the following:

· What do YOU want?

· What does YOUR dream look like?

· Where are YOU going?

· Who can help YOU?

· What do YOU need to do to make your dream come alive?

Take One Step Forward

Be warned, figuring out what you want may take you some time, so STICK with it! Once you have an idea, you might not know how to get to where you want to, but that’s OK because your dreams will energise you into action. Try avoiding making everything perfect, just start! Nothing needs to be perfect at any stage, remember, Rome wasn’t built in one day! It takes time and taking the first step is the most important step you will take.

Some tips to help you take the first most important step:

· What research do you need to do?

· Where do you look for information?

· Whose doing what you enjoy? Can you speak with them to see what it is like?

· What next? Trust your judgement and you’ll know which steps to take thereafter!

Time to stop pleasing others and start pleasing YOU, by living your OWN dream!

Get in touch with us to see how we can help you future.

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