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Why bother with the USP?

Understanding your USP will help from the outset, especially during job hunting process when filling in the application form and also during interviews. Understanding your USP will help you to answer the questions on paper and during interviews with CONFIDENCE.

Understanding your USP helps you during the application and job interview process. Companies and interviewers are not trying to catch you out, they are trying to understand whether you will fit into their organisation or not.

Application process

- What do I bring to the company?

- What difference will I make to the company?

- Why should I be selected?

- What am I great at and how have I demonstrated this?

Here are some questions which will help you figure out your USP may be of use to you.

- What am I good at? Think in terms of skills.

- What do I do best?

- How have I demonstrated this?

- When have I performed my core strength?

- What results have I achieved?

Time to think: Is there a theme emerging by answering the above questions?

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