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Dealing with Career Curve-balls

They come when you least expect them to and you have to deal with them when they do. Putting your head under the carpet and hoping they’re going away is highly unlikely. Chances are this is going to lead to further issues along the line. Better to face up to it head on and position for your next stretch.

Career curve-balls are not designed to derail you or trip you up, but there to help you grow. Think of each one as your next teacher and seek to gain ample self-awareness and knowledge. Remember, there’s nothing to fear and lots to gain. Easier said than done, but avoid panic mode because it does hamper the change process and you miss out on helping you grow and move onwards, forwards, sideways or even backwards depending on how you’ve wired your mindset.

Best way to start dealing with one is to ask, what’s the lesson I need to learn and what could I be doing to help myself? When you start taking control like this, you’ll develop confidence in dealing with the change you have just faced. Jump into the driving seat and enjoy the clarity, which will help you make informed choices.

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