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Gratitude: Glass Half Full vs. Half Empty?

Ever felt why some people are really successful and really get it altogether? Is there a magic formula for being successful? Many articles profiling the ultra successful cite gratitude as a key ingredient to success.

Why? Gratitude foster hope which helps many to feel confident and positive and it allows you to select opportunities because they appear in abundance as well as focus on what really matters. It also allows you to build your inner strength and enable your mental muscles to become stronger in the face of unexpected curve-balls.

Gratitude also helps you to remain grounded and appreciative of what you have. Your perspective is shaped based on whether your glass is half full vs. half empty? If it’s half full,

you build confidence and inner belief in making great things happen. The best part is you get to learn invaluable lessons along the way.

Get into the habit of practicing gratitude daily and watch the quality of life improve in unimaginable ways.

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