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Know Thy Strengths

What are you really good at? If you were to list your 6 core strengths, what would you write? Spend a few minutes and give it a go.

Strength 1:

Strength 2:

Strength 3:

Strength 4:

Strength 5:

Strength 6:

Why do you even need to know this? Knowing your strengths, helps you play to them and help you make great things happen. You’ll be able to spot opportunities quickly, put the effort in, position and then act upon them to help you achieve great success. It’s called smart learning.

Don’t wait for other people to tell you what your core strengths are, you’ve got to know it because self-awareness is your competitive weapon in a very competitive market. This way you take control of the projects where you can help others or the company you work for and simultaneously, add great value to your career.

You owe it to yourself to position for great opportunities, make a great career and make a difference to your world and the world around you.

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