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Taking Control of your Career before it takes control of you.

The world of work continues to evolve and so will your career over the next few years, especially if Technology has anything to do with it. How ready are you? What skills and knowledge do you need to help you position for the changes? Waiting to see what’s going to happen or will you make it happen? Choice is yours, but one thing is certain.

What you know today won’t be enough to help you remain competitive for tomorrow. So how do you prepare? Figure out what you want, where you would like to go and start doing something about it. Research your industry and find out what’s going to disrupt it. You can do lots of things to help you and the list is endless, but here are a few:

· read around your industry,

· seek new knowledge up-skill by taking vocational courses,

· diversify and look out for new challenges.

Get in the habit of pushing your safe zones further, because the more you do this, the better you are equipped at weathering the curve-balls when they arrive. Rest assured, they are coming, so the best advice is jump into the driving seat of your career and start making things happen.

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