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What’s your Story?


"Tell me about yourself" is one of the most common interview questions, and you should be ready to answer it. Many candidates get tripped up because they don't prepare before an interview. This question is your opportunity to show the interviewer that your values align with each other. The best way to answer this question is honestly, but also thoughtfully and with a little planning. If you're preparing for an upcoming job interview, read on to learn more about how to answer "Tell me about yourself."

Whatever the reason, a poor answer can make you look boring, disengaged or unfocused. So what is the best way to answer this question?

If you’re not sure what to say, think about:

  • What have I achieved?

  • What are my strengths?

  • Where am I headed in life?

  • What drives me?

What to include in your answer

When you’re writing a cover letter, it’s important to focus on your qualifications for the job listed in the posting. You can do this by taking advantage of the “why us” section at the bottom of most postings. This section is often used to explain why an employer thinks you should be hired for their company and what makes you unique.

If it's not already included in your resume, be sure to include any relevant education or work experience that makes you more qualified than other candidates who have applied for the same position. You may also want to include any relevant achievements or awards that demonstrate your ability to do well in this role.

What not to include in your answer

You don’t have to include all of this in your answer, but try to avoid including any of it:

• Personal information (name, address, phone number)

• Information about your family

• Information about your personal life

• Information about your personal relationships (romantic or otherwise)

• Religious views/beliefs/practices; political views and affiliations.

Your story is important and should be well thought out.

The story of your career is the most important part of an interview. It's the reason you're being interviewed, and it's the reason you might be considered for a job. Your story is what makes you unique, interesting, and memorable in a sea of applicants.

So it's important that your story be well thought out before the interview even begins.


Whatever your story is, if you have a clear and concise answer that demonstrates relevant skills and shows the interviewer your passion for the position or industry, you’ll be on track to make a good impression.

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