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You’re important


You were born as a unique person, and you have special gifts, talents and strengths. You are not someone else. Don't let anyone tell you that who you are isn’t enough because it is more than enough!

You are important

You are not someone else; you were put on this earth to grow, shine and be unique and different. You were made in the image of God. This means you have strengths, talents and gifts no one else has! Your life matters so much more than you may realize it does. And, because of this fact alone, your life is worth living well!

You are not someone else.

There are many things that we can learn from other people. They can be individuals who are older than us and have more experience, or they could be people who are younger than us and have less experience. We can also learn from those with disabilities or those who come from different cultures. The point is this: there will always be something to learn from others.

However, it is important to remember that everyone has their own unique personality, talents and abilities. You may share some of the same qualities as someone else (and even look like them), but at the end of the day, you are not someone else - you are unique!

We all have our strengths and weaknesses, so don’t try copying anyone else because it won’t work for you anyway! Instead, focus on developing your own style so that when others look at what you do, they see only YOU!

You have strengths, talents and gifts.

You can use these to make a difference in your world. You are unique and different. Your strengths, talents and gifts are important.

You can use your strengths to help others, your talent to make a difference in the world, and your gift to make a difference in the world. The things that set you apart from others give you opportunities for service that others may not realize they have available to them!

You were put on this earth to grow, shine, and be unique and different.

You are important. You are not someone else. You have strengths, talents and gifts that make you unique and different. These things are what make you who you are, and they give purpose to your life.

You were put on this earth to grow, shine, and be unique and different. When we take the time to find our own path and follow it confidently, we can become more ourselves than ever!

You are so important. Don't let anyone tell you differently.

We all know that we are important. But sometimes, we feel like our worth comes from our job or our family or something else outside of ourselves. We forget that we only exist because the universe wanted us to be here. Our lives are unique and have meaning because we are alive on this planet now.

The universe created you for a reason, not because it needed another person to fill a role. Your life has value because of who you are, not what you do or don’t do.

You are unique, different, and special. You are loved.


Being important means valuing yourself, knowing your own worth and being able to express it. It means knowing that you are special and unique, with something to offer this world.

You might have been told before that you’re not good, smart, pretty, or strong enough. But we know better than anyone else: You deserve the best and brightest life possible!

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